Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wotsit woz...

A quick unrolling of the wotsit later, and I have the ceremonial regalia of the Worshipful Company of Wood Botherers...

Or to be more accurate, not to say truthful, a length of samples of veneer bandings. All numbered with handwritten labels.

It's a thing of beauty; rather like an embroidery sampler, but for woodworkers. And some of the bandings are so intricate too.

Some loose samples of bandings came with it too, which are just crying out to be framed, quite honestly. To-do list number 7639...

And last call for catalogue requests. You've got until midnight BST tonight to grovel in my inbox!


  1. Those samples look so nice, Alf - and useful too. Who supplies them?

    Cheers :-)

    Paul Chapman

  2. Gosh, I'm about ready to start groveling for one of your catalogs! I live less than 2 hrs from LV's distribution center in New York, and I still haven't gotten my catalog! Getting antsy... Gotta have the bench plane centerfold! :)


  3. Paul, alas, I haven't a clue from whence it originated. It came to me via the estate of my late friend, Christopher - and he apparently acquired it via someone else. Presumably one of the veneer houses of yesteryear is the source. Crispins perhaps?

    Andy, that seems to be taking delayed gratification a little too far. My commiserations. If it wasn't ridiculous to make a catalogue travel across the Atlantic twice within a week, I'd put you in the draw!

  4. In that case, a frame for the loose samples would be nice.

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman


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