Friday, April 08, 2011

Plough & Combi Parts Sources

If you don't mind me interrupting your normal programming - or lack of it - I crave indulgence to pick the reader's brains. Below is where I have so far to send questing combi owners for parts and cutters, but I'm sure there are other obvious places that I've overlooked. Specifically I'm looking for sources overseas, 'ticularly the US and Australia. Also, are there any master lists for old tool dealers in other countries, similar to (or better than, with luck) my UK version? Up-to-date ones, that is - the Electronic Neanderthal is a lovely time capsule, but of limited practical help these days. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly :)

Old Tool Dealers, such as those listed here (for the UK). Seldom itemised on their websites, so email or 'phone and ask.
Hans Brunner in Australia
Ebay. Love it or loathe it, it's as likely a place as any.

Reproduction and New:
St James Bay Tool Co. (Home Page ➔ Tools ➔ Stanley Reproduction Replacement Parts)
Ray Iles (Record 043 & 044 cutter sets)

Other Manufacturers Cutters:
If you disregard any depth adjustment these should all be workable in the most likely models of combi and plough. Some will work with your depth adjuster too, but it really does vary depending on model.
Clifton Multiplane (should comfortably fit the Record 405, as that's what it's based on)


  1. Hi Alf
    It's a great idea to put together this resource. Thanks.
    In Australia one of the best known and most reliable supplier of Stanley parts is Hans Brunner. His site is
    Love your blog. Thanks.

  2. Thank you, CSP (Shouldn't that be four exes as you're in Australia...? ;)

  3. The new site for Hans Brunner is


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