Thursday, April 07, 2011

What's It Worth

Sorry, kids - didn't intend to leave you happily whittering-free so long, you lucky people. The lurgy turns out not to be some sensible 24 or 48hr variety, but rather the sort that seems to settle in and seriously consider getting furniture delivered so it can be really comfortable. My comfort appears a matter of no importance at all. Grrr.

However, the emails don't stop, and as seems to often happen, I got quite a few concerning combination planes all in a bunch. I must admit that does cheer me up. Well most of them, anyway. The ones that are clearly someone who wants to put their plane in working order or needs a hint or two on how to get it doing as they wish are balm to my ears. Every correspondent is the sign of one less plane rotting unloved on a shelf somewhere, and that can only be a Good Thing. I'll answer those all day and twice on Sundays. Although I really need to work on an FAQ for things such as suppliers for spares and cutters so both they and I can save a bit of time. (You may consider that forewarning that'll I'll be asking for sources at a later - but hopefully not too much later - date.)

Emails I can do without are like this:

"is a marples tools m40 plane valueable"

No please? No sorry to trouble you? A plough plane viewed simply in terms of cold hard cash? Depressing, and yes, just a trifle rude. But more to the point - and here comes the bit I should have written years ago to refer valuation seekers to:

I have absolutely no idea. Do an Ebay search of completed listings like I would have to, and you know as much as I do.

Of course what I really want to do is tape their hands to the plane and make them use it until they give in and realise that their lives are incomplete without one, but one step at a time, eh...? ;)


  1. Perhaps you need to avail yourself of the very handy website, cleverly called "Let me google that for you."


  2. Dave you took the words right outta my mouth.

  3. And you could try this answer: "If it looks old and in good condition, no, it is not valuable. None of them or any other tool ever is. So ship them to me and I'll recycle of them for you!"


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