Monday, March 26, 2012

Hammer Time

So my week of solitude and productivity has passed. Not as much solitude as I expected, and a whole bundle less productivity. However, small though it may be, a tiny inroad has been made in the Box O' Tools Needing O' Handles. Viz; former hammer handle has been refitted thusly:

Then reduced a little in size, reshaped to, um... become another, slightly smaller, hammer handle for a useful size of cross pein (or peen) hammer. As, indeed has a smaller hammer handle been refitted to an even smaller example of hammer head. The latter was a handle I'd made ages ago, and I'm not still wholly convinced by the piece of Ash used for it to be honest. The larger (now slightly smaller) handle, on the other hand, was rescued from a ball pein (or peen) hammer from the coachbuilder's tools, and it's good stuff. The colours in the grain are just gorgeous, and not done any justice to at all in this photograph.

Tools used were mainly a Stanley #53 adjustable mouth spokeshave and that invaluable beast for shave work, the Shave Pony.

This last week my Mum was getting a little light refitting of an essential component done too; heart bypass surgery. Scheduled, I should point out. Which is better than in an emergency situation, apart from all the time it gives you to worry about it... Anyway, she's now safely home, so while not actually being so insane as to say "Ya boo" to the gods, I feel I can at least now hazard a small "So far, so good". To be honest, given the level of difficulty involved, it seems as though the hammer handles caused proportionally more drama...


  1. Alf,

    Nicely done, it reminds me I have ball pein that needs doing, don't think it will look as nice as that. I have a selection of handles but they are nondescript modern ones.

  2. Best wishes to your Mum for a speedy recovery.

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  3. hello alf,nice handles (on the smaller hammer especially).
    have you any idea where i can see a saw pony in more detail?
    oh! tish, i can google it can't i.
    sorry about the rambling it must be the weather or something.
    please pass on my best wishes to your mam.

  4. A Google should find numerous links, pics and, probably plans. Not that you really need the latter; it's a ridiculously easy thing to build, considering how useful it is. The original is here.

  5. Best wishes for your mother's recovery.

    Nice hammers also.

    Rick in Oakville (Canada)

  6. Many thanks for the link Alf. ;0)


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