Friday, March 30, 2012


It's that time again, and a fresh issue of the Lee Valley newsletter drops into the inbox. And I've already got it added to the Index too, just to be a little bit smug... To be less smug, really I should admit that it's more accurately a Contents, isn't it? Never mind.

Anyway, I was amused at the subject of the first article. Great minds, or something... Also, I love the drill box. I've had boring old plastic versions of such drill indexes, a small metal one by Presto, and the very classy variation on the theme to be found in the handle of a Goodell-Pratt wheel brace, but that's a cut above with its multiple circles of storage.

I wonder if it'd possible to use the patent drawings to make one's own version. Hmm. Oh, except that's more metalwork. Ack. Maybe not then.

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  1. Hey! I have one of them's whats like in the Lee Valley newsletter!

    I bought my 1950's era Rockwell-Delta drill press from the original owner a few years ago and he threw in several boxes of bits and bobs (mostly HSS and forstner bits, but a lovely wooden drill box was quietly nestled in the corner of one of them.

    I'm rather fond of it.


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