Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Plum Job

Cracking on with handles various here. At this rate I should be done in a matter of... decades.

In this case, the coachbuilder's drawbore pins; formerly fitted with, um, rudimentary handles.

For historical accuracy, I should probably have kept them like that. But while functional, they didn't grab me. So instead I went a tad "Pimp My Handle" on them and broke out a piece of Plum that was plundered from the diseased, and thus doomed tree back in 2004. Locally grown timber at least seemed more in keeping with the original owner's vibe than breaking out a piece of Rosewood or some such.

The wonders of photography and cunning placement does wonders for my turning and the appearance of the end results. *pats camera on the lens cover in thanks* Honestly, I think this T-handle type of drawbore pin is infinitely preferable to the straight variety - any hammer blows can be directed right on the shaft, minimal amount of steel needed in manufacture, and the T-handle facilitates both twisting and removal. I'm sure I must be missing good reasons why only coachbuilders opted for this style; the comments box is open for the reader to point them out.

Tools used were mainly spinny turny ones of course, but a 1/4" Hale Bros. firmer chisel and a really badly turned (by me; who else?) Apple mallet did a sterling job in squaring up the through hole to take the square shanks. If there's any more enjoyable hand tool task than working an air-dried hardwood, it must be working an air-dried fruitwood. Lovely.

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  1. Hi Alf

    I bet the straight handles on draw boring pins are just the manufacturers using up spare chisel handles. I have a Marples pin and its boxwood handle is identical to the handles on their old bevelled edge chisels.

    You T-handles look the business. I suspect the coachbuilders' preference for them is just a tribal thing.



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