Monday, February 11, 2013

Cracking Carving, Gromit

If I cast my mind back far enough to the doing of any actual woodwork, I recall that occasionally I'm moved to wonder why the working of wood appeals to me when the raw material can be such a sonofa- um, female dog. It splits, it warps, it rots, it dents, it's... Ack, infuriating stuff.

But of course it makes up for it other ways, and let's face it, we all like a bit of a challenge.

Clearly this chap, an unemployed wood carver, didn't feel that wood was sufficient challenge. So now he does this.

Having watched the recent short series on telly, a collaboration between the BBC and the V&A, on British woodworking, and in particular the episode on Grinling Gibbons, I was already feeling plenty inadequate about my complete lack of carving nous. But this? Sheesh.

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