Monday, February 25, 2013

Listing to one side

Gradually - oh, so gradually - I make small inroads into the ever-lengthening To Do List. Cast your mind back to March, um, 2011 (Zoicks!) when my fit of Spring Cleaning hit the Brace Bit Blockage.

I managed to get through all the stuff on the left, but came over all faint at the thought of cleaning up all those auger bits - and put them away again. Shame! Horror!

Well I finally mustered up the will to finish the job, hence my recent mild obsession with lead screws. And here they are; cleaned up, sharpened as necessary, and the spare-spare spares put in the One Day I Will Get Off My Behind and Sell Something box.

Technically I still have the l'hommedieu or shipwright's augers to clean, but honestly I think their best kept in their mummified state, deep in their coating of linseed oil. Until I need to build a boat.

Anyway, in amongst that lot are no fewer than five different patterns of bits (You want to see a bit without spurs? Just holler. I have, um, four types) and absolutely no complete sets. Oh well, variety is the spice of life, is it not?

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