Thursday, July 25, 2013

Design Direction

I believe I may have previously confessed my hopeless inability to remember the difference between an ovolo and an ogee, and my tendency to get a nasty headache if forced to differentiate betwixt an astragal and an astrolabe. Well, to my chagrin, I'm no better with furniture design styles than I am with mouldings. However, I ran across a stylish way to at least know your Eames from your Mies - flashcards!

Okay, so modern design isn't exactly my most favourite thing in the world, but I like the idea and the execution makes me want to frame the darn things. Just need something more along the lines of knowing your Chippendale from your Hepplewhite; furniture makers flashcards anyone? Or, come that, ones for terms used for mouldings. Honestly, that might be my only hope...

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