Monday, July 22, 2013

Steamboat Arabia

Any Kansas City readers out there in virtual land? What can you tell me about the Steamboat Arabia? I ran across this sort of Missouri River obviously-not-as-old (1856) Mary Rose-a-like-ish archaeological find by chance, but unfortunately my patience (and connection) runs out before their site finishes being pretty and what there is appears naturally aimed more at getting me to visit than spare me a trip. But I did find these pics elsewhere:

She seems to have been pretty much carrying the contents of a hardware store when she sunk.

But the glimpses of tools are just enough to be interesting. Boats and tools? My kinda place. Just where is Missouri anyway...?


  1. More information:

  2. Located in the "Heart of America". And Kansas City is at once an overgrown cow town and one of the most urbane of cities.

    From a displaced Missourian living in upstate New York.

  3. One of my favorite places. I can email you some pix if you like.
    Roger Nixon

  4. Figured it was pretty galoot friendly - and thanks for the offer of pics. Usually I'd be all over that with a "yes, please", but I'm currently labouring under the connection speed from hell and will have to ruefully decline. Thanks though, Roger.


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