Friday, December 13, 2013

Duck and Recover

My progress through the virtual newspaper this morning was halted in an abrupt manner by an advert for Asprey, the jewellers. More specifically, an ad featuring a duck-footed silver egg cup. Not a retailer who can boast my custom, I have to admit, and on this evidence I don't see that changing if even if I do ever win the lottery.

Now I have nothing against the novelty egg cup. Arguably the boiled egg needs any help it can get in the presentation department. But whereas this kind of duck-footed egg cup rendered in ceramics is somehow quite acceptable, and even, dare I say it, cute.

This is, frankly, slightly scary.

I'm pretty sure that one would actually walk off with your boiled egg, and probably trample the toast soldiers to death while doing it...


  1. I think I saw it move. Is this post animated?

    1. Now you come to mention it, I'm sure it was facing the other way earlier...

  2. I had to come back and have a look.
    Love it!


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