Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Stinks #9

This exercise is telling me two things: firstly I should have stuck more with the Old Classics amongst inks. The Waterman and Pelikan are being over-used because they're so reliable. Waterman for everything because it's so good natured to even the most sensitive little blossom; Pelikan to tame the too-wet nibs. Getting a bit bored with the Pelikan blue-black in particular though. Functional, but not thrilling.

Secondly, no-one's interested in cheap pens, so we've gone up a couple of rungs this week. Although in the Grand Scheme I acknowledge that some would still call these cheap and probably dismiss them. Their loss, I assure you.

Such is my delight in "Junior" that I forgot to note the ink. Hah. Guess who? Yep, Waterman Serenity (formerly Florida) Blue. It's a good colour, mind you. However, doesn't that celluloid of gorgeousness rather say a brown to you? Cue the glamour shot:

The reported occurrences of Orange Crustiness that can sometimes appear with Ancient Copper means I've resolved to confine it to pens of modern manufacture, so that's not an option. Pensioner Pen-friendliness and good shading makes a bottle of Waterman's Havana Brown ink highly likely to darken the doors of Alf Towers in the not-too-distant future, I fancy. Or whatever they call it now. Seriously, what did Waterman hope to achieve by changing the names of their inks? Apart from confusion. Tsk.

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