Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Is it me, or is FWW slipping?

Is it me, or is FWW slipping?

Hmm, good question, and one that seems to be getting asked more and more often; which kind of suggests the answer is "yes", doesn't it? I must say I've taken a sneaky peek at the new issue on their site (my copy has yet to make it across The Pond) and my heart sank. Router jigs, forsooth?! Glue ups - again?! The only "real" project is the rocker, for heaven's sakes. Talk about taking the "Fine" out of Fine Woodworking. It used to be that I bought FWW to be inspired, and a little awed. It was an aspirational thing. Only one project in 20 would I ever think myself even remotely capable of making, but I still learnt lots and had something to aim for. Now? Hah. Half the stuff in there, even if I could make it, I just wouldn't want to bother - you only need so many router tables and jigs... The sooner they leave the more basic stuff to the other mags and get back to being elitist the happier I shall be. Thank goodness for Popular Woodworking - when it turns up...

Okay, rant over. As you were. :~)

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