Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Woodworker's Role in Human Existance

The whole gamut of life has been in the news the last couple of weeks, hasn't it? First off the Pope finally goes off to the Boss's office, and woodworkers everywhere were struck by the workmanship of his coffin... Cypress wood apparently. Personally I thought the dovetails were very poor, but as it then got popped into a Lead, or maybe Zinc, second coffin and then finally an Oak, or perhaps Elm, outer box I don't suppose it matters. They want to make jolly sure he doesn't get out again, don't they...

Then of course there was The Wedding. Honestly, if you'd written it as a novel all right-thinking persons would have said "come off it, this is worse than a really bad Mills & Boon", and that was before all the changes and hiccups to do with the day itself. Still it went very well I thought; loved the planted boxes in the chapel - the flowers in them, that is. Extensive searching eventually found the details (the PofW's own site had it - pretty good site, actually. Quick to load and so forth) and the additional information that the boxes themselves were made at Highgrove by the estate's carpenters. Nice job chaps, and I do think it's nice to cut costs a litte by doing things "in house", don't you? ;~)

Finally some red-headed Scots bloke's missus had a sprog. Who cares? There was no woodworking connection at all.

And in local news, the small bandsaw and lathe are now in the old man's w'shop, and his bench will soon follow. Now theoretically that means I should be knee-deep in empty space. Funny how it doesn't feel like that. Anyway, some cherry is en route to Alf Towers for the side tables I rashly promised for August, so I need to finish up this mucking about in the w'shop and get it ready for use again. Who'd have thought the old place had so much dust in it? (apologies to The Bard). Anyway, Spot the Difference...

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