Saturday, July 02, 2005

Buttons and bows

Funny thing. It's not 'til you come to look for it that you discover there seems to be very little detail about the use of buttons for fixing tables tops swilling about. I have, ha-hum, a wide range of woodworking books from which to choose, but barely anything on the subject. Exactly how many does one need for a 13 1/2" (don't ask) square table top? I suppose eight, two each side, in order to "hold the corners down". My search for info did turn up quite a nice resume of the options here, plus some really nice pieces they've been used on here. Got me wondering if that could be a subject for an article for Good Woodworking mag in fact. Then I saw the "new look" that arrived on the doormat this morning and realised my writing for them is never going to happen. I don't have the necessary ability to write in the printed equivalent of a sound bite, which seems to be the trend they're adopting. I daresay the multitude will love the new look, but when I see the same features they've always had, but just with new names, and "interviews" that comprise two-thirds of a page, half of which is a photograph of the interviewee, I find it hard to buy into the style when the content is so disappointing.


  1. So come on then, how many did you use? Where did you place them?

    btw, last smallish tables I did I used the 'Rat to put a rabbet down a piece about 12" long the size of the buttons in width/height and then cut the buttons off using my Marples mitre box and tenon saw...

    Mikey's hint for the day. Now the brain's tired and I gotta go cook for the hoard about to decend for a bbq...have a great weekend. Mike

  2. I actually forgot to rout the slots for some buttons on a small table. As I had glued it up the router wasn't gonna be an option-ended up using the biscuit jointer to cut slots! It worked...... Just hop no-one looks under that table too closely, though! ;)
    Looking forward to seeing the new look GW. Have a feeling I may be in a issue in the not-to-distant future......

  3. What do thay look like? Hah! I haven't done 'em yet... As it happens I came across a suggestion to use the biscuit jointer to cut the grooves, but I think I'd sooner remember to cut the grooves the usual way before assembly ;~)

    Philly, you're featured on the "next issue" page - prominently. Quote: "we hope to speak to the man himself (Krenov) to see what he thinks of Phil's cabinet"

    Bet you're worried now...

    Time to take up another hobby, then.........
    Nick certainly has a few surprises up his sleeve!
    A Worried Philly

  5. Breathe deeply, Philly. In. Out. In. Out. It only says "hope". If you're lucky he'll be too busy. ;~)

  6. Hey, we can only hope......
    OH-and whatever you do, don't look at the new issue of The Woodworker. (the one with the sharpening guy on the cover). It is the "Philly" issue-I am on about 8 pages........
    Media Whore???? Seems so....


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