Sunday, July 10, 2005

Spare any change, guv?

After that small break, here we go again, and a small update to the progress on the tables. At the moment it's just a case of wiping on endless coats of shellac until my eyes boss. Not particularly exciting to do, or take pictures of. I was down in the workshop before breakfast this morning (on a Sunday! Aargh), in order to apply another coat before it got unbearably hot down there. At some point I have to dig out the two 1955 sixpences I bought to put underneath the tables, to mark the fact they're for the Golden Wedding, and polish them up. I'm still on the lookout for a couple of 2005 coins to go with them, coins being my usual method of dating a piece and this year not being 1955, but so far no dice. I have a nasty feeling they do only tend to show up in the latter months of the year, so I could be all out of luck. I also need to check what size recess a sixpence fits into; hope to goodness it happens to coincide with a bit I own or things will get complicated.

Anyway I bunked off the finishing yesterday to go to the Wood Fair (pics here), which was fun. I'm also trying to get round to trying out the diamond paste, but I really need to clear the decks of the side table parts before I do that. Verily, there's no such thing as a workshop that's "big enough"...

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  1. Hi Alf,

    I too have used the begin/current year coins for marking an anniversary once.

    In my case, I had a lot of coins for the current year, but not in really good condition. I went to a local bank and was given a mint one in exchange.

    Don't know if banks there would have any in advance of distribution, but upon explaining what there for, if they have 'em they might let you get one.

    Take care, Mike


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