Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Vote-, er, Tools For Women!

'Tis a funny old world, and no mistake. Galoots far and wide are carefully studying a hand cream commercial, purely because it features some hand tool use. Desperate or what? Mind you I thought that bench was a bit low for her, and a dual station Scandanavian one too, I notice. And no wonder her hands were sore, trying to plane a log...

Look, I have an excuse; I'm the target audience.

I also seem to be the target audience for this query too. Have I mentioned how much I hate gender division? In woodworking it's just crazy; it's not like there are enough of us to start sub divisions anyway. It's a slow day and I'm trying not to think of the itchiness about my neck from the haircut, so some answers of a less-than-serious variety (before some bloke gets there first):

1. If you're a woman, how did you become interested in woodworking?
I was looking for the Home Shopping Channel and saw a hunky guy with a saw, so I stopped to look.

2. What types of projects do you tend to build?
Wardrobes and places to keep shoes.

3. What types of tools do you own?
Nail file, curling tongs, the usual.

4. Where do you do the majority of shopping for tools and materials?

5. Are you in a woodworking club? If so, what's the ratio of men to women in your club?
99-1. Just right in fact...

6. How much money do you tend to spend per year on your woodworking projects? (sorry if this question is a bit too personal)
Only what's left over after the sales

7. How old are you? (again, sorry for being so personal. perhaps a "range" would suffice here -- i.e. 18-25, 26-35, 36-45, etc.)
A gentleman wouldn't ask.

8. What TV woodworking shows do you enjoy?
New Yankee Workshop.

Just kidding.
9. Finally, would you enjoy watching a woodworking show that featured a female host/woodworker as opposed to a male woodworker?
No, because I'd worry about her breaking a nail...

... in her nail gun.

Want to explain the growing popularity of woodworking amongst women? Easy. They keep seeing all these new tools lying around unused in the garage and figure somebody might as well use them...


  1. Alf, I haven't laughed so much in ages.....
    Some great answers there-you should send them in ;)

  2. So we won't be seeing the Victoria's Secret shop apron photo shoot anytime soon? :)
    Very funny stuff, Alf. You have such a great combo of wit and wisdom.


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