Thursday, March 09, 2006

Shooting and such

Question: Is it a good idea to turn tenons to fit hole size X in damp weather when the finished article is likely to spend its time in a centrally heated enviroment?

Answer: Not really

Result: No further progress to report. A couple of bouts of visitors (tidy before they come, tidy while they're here, too late to get untidy by the time they've gone) hasn't helped anyway. But I've been thinking about the arm and wondering if I won't depart from JB's dowels in favour of lap joints. I do so hate dowels that I think this may already be a rhetorical bit of wondering... Anyway, the legs are sitting in as dry a spot as I can find while I wait for the right moment.

Meanwhile Traditional Tools has suddenly popped into life with some discussion about that perennial favourite, cambered edges. All comers welcome, although you'll have to join to post - a recent move to erradicate spam.

Finally, I had cause to post a little shooting board link dump elsewhere, so I thought I might as well post it here as well, for my own reference as much as anything. At some point I hope to get as all-encompassing page of shooting links and such in one place - but goodness knows when that'll happen.

Mitre Jack
Alternative Mitre Jack
Shooting board how-to
Fancy mitre shooting board
Bob Wearing stylee
'nother Wearing-a-like
Brian Buckner mainly for the mitre plane...
Derek Cohen
Yours truly
From The Woodworker
Jeff Gorman

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  1. Jeff Miller, in 'Charimaking and Design' recommends baking the ends of dowels in a sand box to shrink them before fitting in previously sized holes. Presumably you could do similarly before 'rounding' your tenons?


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