Thursday, September 14, 2006

Turned wotsit

I'm not unreasonable - enough begging and I'll relent almost every time.

Right, the wotsit is to aid the drilling of chisel tang holes in handles of varying diameter using the drill press. Viz: A collar of appropriate size is pushed on the ferrule end of the handle, and then handle is pushed up tube where the collar is a nice fit in the end - thus the handle is centred.

The concave cup device is popped in the support the rounded end of the handle, the plug added to the bottom to hold it all in and there it is, all ready to drill. Except it needs a bit of shimming to cope with shorter handle lengths - Chas thinks a threaded bottom plug is probably the way to go.

It's an ingenious solution to the problem, I must say, and let's face it, not one I'd have come up with 'cos I wouldn't be capable of the necessary accuracy in turning it! But as Chas says, really the best solution is a "proper" chuck instead of the lash-up jobs I've been using for years. We'll see...


  1. That's brilliant - well done Chas!

    Paul Chapman

  2. Ahh! Obvious, now you've shown us! Well done, jigtastic!

  3. Will get round to a Mk.2 soon, Does need some form of positive bottom clamp to hold handle firmly, sorry I did not have time to get it further along 'thought' channel before the Bash.

  4. How's your chasing Chas? If the tow main parts fo othe body could be screwed together that would work wouldn't it?

  5. One day I'll learn to trypewrite poprerly.

  6. In your own time, Nick... ;~)

  7. Exactly the route I'm going Nick, just searching the wood pile for some beech oddmnets that will take a decent thread. 100miles away from workshop at the mo so it will be a day or two.

    Trying to come up with a solution that is good to go on dovetail chuck and stand-alone on pillar drill.

    Alf, can you give any idea if overall sizes, length, bore diameter etc. need to increase. I think currently it's 30 x 150 mm.


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