Thursday, September 07, 2006

What blue box?

What with one thing and another, the list of items being taken to the UK Workshop Big Bash on Saturday has grow'd like Topsy. I was fairly sure I'd filled the Transport Manager in on what it entailed, more or less, but I went through it again last night.

Saws, right.
Two boxes - you've got to not crush the long one.
All right.
Philly says can we get the little bench in?
How big is it?
Two foot by, ooo, 16 by, erm, 10? No, 6?
Yes, all right.
Saw vice.
Sigh All right.
And you've not forgotten the blue box?
What blue box?!
I told you about that first, ages ago. It's important; it's got all the saw filing stuff and tools and stuff. That's more important than the bench!
Glowers All right, how big is it...?

Anyway, all the important things are in. Just need to be a bit creative about squeezing the luggage into the gaps, that's all...


  1. So you did have a list.....

    Paul Chapman

  2. Does it count if it wasn't written down...? Just to give me every opportunity to forget something, you understand. In fact, I'm sure I have...


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