Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hip and Trendy

Look I have a good excuse, okay? So don't start on me... The old man's having his hip joint replaced at the mo', so I'm having to do all sorts of household stuff I can usually avoid, which means woodworking-related time is virtually non-existant. In theory I'm supposed to be ferrying my mum hither and yon too, but my own dodgy joint (knee) has ratted on me big time, so we're spending the national debt of a small country on transport instead. Sigh.

Not having any woodworking time is particularly vexing as I have lots of things I want to do, not least play, er, "rigorously test" the Trend Airshield I've just taken delivery of. A generous and helpful member of UK Workshop clued me in on a secondhand one (although it looks barely used at all) so I can breathe more easily in both the respiratory and financial sense! Might take a little getting used to, but I had a bit of a scare with some reaction to an exotic I was turning a couple of weeks ago so I've plenty of motivation to use it. Add to that a most interesting, and highly hush-hush, parcel for evaluation arriving yesterday and you can imagine I'm virtually bouncing off the walls in frustration.

As for the saw till doors, I find the two pieces of clear pine I'd been keeping aside with an eye on the doors are too short for what I want to do. Aaargh. One of these days I'll have so much timber available I'll make two of every part just because I can...


  1. Looks like there is sufficient height in the cabinet to rasie the dowel up and add drawers to the bottom...which then would allow the door wood to be used--shorter doors.

    Cannot wait to see what the hush-hush parcel is about! You tease...

    Take care, Mike

  2. Yup, there are too many secrets flaoting around at the moment.

  3. You're a bit of a tease, Alf - got us all bouncing off the walls in frustration wondering what's in the parcel.

    Good to hear via the forum that your Dad is making progress.


    Paul Chapman

  4. Well we haven't had a good tool teasing torment for a while now - I thought you'd all be pleased... ;)

  5. So now, is this a tease to be revealed in someone's newsletter at a later date...or the blog...or the forum?

    Can't wait in any case! Oh, any hints [g]?

    Take care, Mike


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