Thursday, February 22, 2007

Silver linings

Managed to get into the workshop today!

Unfortunately only in order to refill the cat litter trays... Sigh. However I did pause long enough to check the Wenzloff wasn't suffering being in the door-less saw till. Just holding it for a moment cheered me up considerably - a guarantee of good woodworking times to come. Caution: gratuitous tool drool pic - hey, I didn't gloat on the blog at the time. Did I? Well even if I did, Too Bad.

Popular Woodworking arrived today too, as did the old man back from hospital. The former I've merely flicked through and groaned at the presence of apparently yet another sharpening article; the latter seems in good order and back to his best GOM* form. So even silver linings have a cloud... ;~)

*Grumpy Old Man. A badge worn with pride by at least half the blokes in Britain, or so it seems.


  1. That's got to be one of the nicest saw Mike's made - so it's always worth another look:)

    If Dad's grumpy he's obviously getting better, which must be good news.


    Paul Chapman

  2. Glad you're Dad is back - hope he gets well soon!
    What did you think of Adam's article in PW?
    And worry not about the saw gloat. That is Pretty!!! :)

  3. Boy, what a mean thing to do. Now I have to start wishing for a Wenzlof of my own. Ah well, I guess my Stanley gents saw is safe for a while longer :(

  4. So is the till on the wall yet? Maybe picture-in-place if so?

    And what did "we" decide about doors [g]?

    The saw looks nice on that of these days I'll get around to trying some textured backgrounds and shooting down.

    Take care, Mike

  5. Nice saw Alf!

    You finally got a Wenzloff eh? I guess you held out for the medallion. ;-)

    Dave (ydb1md)


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