Monday, February 26, 2007

Workshop relief

So where was I...? Well over the weekend I was in the workshop! Gasp, shock, horror etc. I just couldn't stand it any more so grabbed ny opportunity. The Airshield started earning its keep and seems to have saved my lungs the effort of filtering this lot which must be a Good Thing:

That's the closest I can get to showing you the results of my endeavours just now. One part concerns the highly hush-hush parcel and the other a little something as a thank you for someone. The latter will at least feature in a newsletter near you at some point. Probably. Got to write it up first...

Been thinking about the doors we're deciding on for the saw till and wondering if a bit of fancy moulding round the top could take up the slack of the the too-short boards. I hardly ever do manage to incorporate mouldings in projects beyond a bead so this'd be a welcome opportunity. Must say it was very pleasant to reach down just the saw I wanted without having to remove three others on the same peg or burrow into a dusty corner. Maybe this organised tool storage concept will catch on? :)

And finally the Hip Report: the GOM tottered around the garden today and still looks okay afterwards, so that's good. Off to the quack on the 'morrow to have his staples out. Operations are no fun anymore - at least in the old days the surgeons used to have you in stitches...

On which groan-worthy note, I'll bid a hasty retreat...


  1. Glad to hear your dad is doing well!

    Wow, I think I'll have to get Dina one of them filter doo-whoppers.

    Still cannot wait for the revealing of The Parcel [if ever]. But I'll be more than satisfied with the item for the newsletter.

    And what's this? ...the doors boss, the doors... You know, I have the most lovely ogee profile in a wonderful size [BG]. Can't wait to see the till. It'll be wonderful to look at as well as use, I'm sure.

    Take care, Mike

  2. Mike, not just Dina - I reckon with the troubles you've had with wood sensitivity you and the boys should be equipped too. Of course, being blokes, I bet you wouldn't wear 'em ;)

    The parcel will get revealed eventually. Promise.

  3. Nah, I would wear one...for standing at a lathe. I probably would not get all zoot suited out for shaping a handle, though. Not worth it. Easier to tell people no more Cocobolo. Nor Katalox. Those are the only two.

    Parcel? What parcel? Oh...that parcel!

    Give your parents our best.

    Take care, Mike


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