Monday, February 26, 2007

Want to buy a kidney?

The industrious Mike Wenzloff and his male offspring continue their march on world saw domination with the launch of the Kenyon Saw range at The Best Things. Hearty congrats to Mike and family and is there a sweepstake on when they'll be sold out? :) Anyway, if anyone is looking for a kidney, one careful owner, I'll take dollars or The Connoisseur's Set in lieu...

Not a collector; a Connoisseur ;)


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Al. It's been fun making a lot of the same widgets. And to think Lee turned around and repeated the order after receiving the first 6 [one of each]. Then last week added to the second order I haven't started yet...But the addition is fun. Kenyon-styled panels that are 20" or 22", my choice. A bunch of cross cuts and rips that size. Already have done some I scaled the handles down for.

    So--which of those two sizes would you prefer if'n you were looking at a smaller than 26" beastie?

    Take care, Mike

  2. Wow, Mike, what yer doing hanging round here? Crack on, mate, crack on! ;) Kenyon-style panel saws, eh? Nice. Personally my favourite size of saw overall is a 22" panel, although to be fair I don't come across many 20" ones to compare to. 22 must be the most common size for good reason I reckon.

  3. 22" is what I told Lee. I also see 20" but I see more 22" and 18" than 20".

    Ok, ok. it's 5 am. Time to go to worky ;]



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