Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Seeing double

Right, second panel planed up and garnet shellac applied (don't want any mad difference in colour or nuffink by failing to do to one what I did to the other, do I?). If you look at the far edge, you can see where it does wonders for dealing with a rather dismally grey area of timber. You can also get an idea of the screw/nail hole issues mentioned before. If I plan sensibly, the majority of them will be cut off or planed away. If I cock it up, don't be surprised...

And both panels offered up to the saw till. Orientation is subject to change depending on a) Changing my mind, and b) Making a mistake when I finally make up the doors.

So next step will be to cut and plane them to size, and then find the panel raiser. Hmm, that might be fun...

Meanwhile, thank you for all the comments and suggestions on the workbench. I may not be saying much, but I'm soaking it all up and inwardly digesting. Keep 'em coming, if you have 'em.


  1. Alf, glad to see the saw till is to be completed. I seem to remember back in the long distance past (Sorry no time to actually check) r=that you were going to make a tombour door for it?

    Kind regards

    ( were used one of those saws that you sharpened for me the other day - 1stt time they have seen french air!! ( ie in at least 3 years. )

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