Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Spring clip thingy

In a bid to - theoretically - make my life easier, I'm obviously trying to dismantle as much of The Vice as possible in order to clean it. One part that was really getting in the way on the front jaw was the Taper Adjustment Knob.

The what?

Yeah, you might need Emmert Anatomy 101 open for this...

Now said Taper Adjustment Knob is held captive in the front vice jaw by a... well, I dunno what the technical term for it should be, but I assumed some sort of spring clip thingy. It looked like this:

So a knocked some of the paint off and had a pull with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. Strangely... soft. Hmm. Oh well, when in ignorance, get out a hammer. Okay, a mallet. And a screwdriver - of course - and apply a little persuasion to the item in question.

Somewhat to my surprise, there was no springiness involved at all. Instead a lead washer had been broken in two and the two halves forced into the slot in the casting, and thus round the shaft of the Tilt Adjustment Knob. That explained the softness at any rate.

Now I'm no engineer - you've probably noticed - but surely this is not the original design? I can't believe there's not a less - how can I put this? A slightly less bodged solution to the problem? My comments box is open.

Failing that, I may have a slightly smarter lead washer in the Box of Bits I suppose...


  1. Hmmmm. Just spent a whole cup of tea trying to get my head round the piccies on various websites. Tricky. I suspect (well, guess) that it is a bodge to zero the point at which things are parallel. Just a bit of packing. And lead was used, as that was what was available at the time [shudder]. So, once painted, you could use it without until you get fed up of trying to keep the jaws parallel, and then select a normal washer, thick enough to zero the parallel action. Then cut a slot in the washer and slide it in. If that works, apply some loctite on one side to keep it in place, but still removable. Unless, of course, you can remove the parallel adjuster stud and slide a full washer in place? Or maybe not...


  2. Boz, I thank you for your efforts. Sounds like a plan. Having - belatedly - thought me to look at the patent drawings, it seems the original plan was indeed a segment of washer. But crucially, it seems it was intended to be held in by the cover - which is, of course, missing on this vice. Dab of Loctite, while not as pretty as a turtleback cover, sounds like a suitable alternative.

    And there was me hoping it was going to be one of those obvious "You need a wotsit, Alf" answers. But something tells me this isn't one of those kinds of project...

  3. Is that not a retaining ring?


    --Anonymous Comment Leaving Person

  4. That appears to be the more technical sort of thing I was expecting. Thank you, Anonymous Comment Leaving Person.

    On the other hand, I have found a likely washer ripe for conversion...


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