Monday, July 12, 2010


Apparently showing the sawhorses but not the SYP was teasing. I have it on very good teasing authority, so it must be true. So after a certain amount of sweated labour over the weekend to get the goodies from the garage at one end of the garden to the workshop at the other, I give you one stack of SYP:

I actually remembered I possessed a moisture meter and jabbed it into my freshly cut surfaces on Friday evening, to discover something around 12%. Think it'll need a little time to acclimatise to the dry conditions of the workshop, which happily it can do in exactly the place the bench will end up being. Even more happily, it'll give me some more vacillating space. As it is I look at it and veer wildly between thinking three things:
  1. There's too much
  2. There's not enough
  3. I'm going to wish I hadn't cut the boards there.
Ah, I'd forgotten the joys of woodworking...

The quality inspector gave them all the once over and seemed satisfied.

Lucy has yet to purrfect the arts of the true w'shop cat. In this case the most important: posing for the camera. I still miss Polly; she was an absolute natural for that. But Lucy is yet young and everything still has to be done in a hurry at the moment.

Meanwhile the clean-up of The Vice trudges on. The slightly worrying step of removing the hub from the rear jaw took place, and resulted in an awful lot of grease and a bag of labelled parts and a sketch of where they should go. Yup, putting the sketchy back into sketching...

Assuming I remember to, this week I'll tell you about the unexpected hardware bonus The Vice provided and maybe I'll angst a bit about workbench design decisions. If we have time, there may be musing on having a tool shop in your back yard. Bet you can't wait, eh?

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