Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Movie night

Kids, if you've been looking for a hand-cranked grinder and haven't found one yet, brace yourselves for the hunt to suddenly get a little bit more competitive. The Schwarz has struck!

Must admit I was slightly taken aback by Chris' gung-ho approach to the grinder. Personally I prefer to avoid getting to the point of needing to quench the edge at all, but he's probably fitter than I am (most everyone is) and thus doesn't feel that slowing down would be rather beneficial to his continued ability to still have an arm safely remaining in its socket... He also has one of those fetching powder blue grinding wheels. Mine is grey and coarse, and to my chagrin persists in doing a perfectly acceptable job. I may have to go and eye the Nortons in Classic Handtool's virtual window again. Just to, you know, scoff and chunter and point out how unnecessary they are - and also dribble and drool and mutter "I want". Ah, it's a split-personality's life for me...

And as we're on the subject - and because you can never truly embarrass yourself enough on YouTube, as I always say - here's my good self making with the flying sparks and the hand grinding and the not quenching. I regret my musical accompaniment is not available for download, neither is it musical. But it will work for peanuts. Or sunflower seeds, grapes, biscuits, etc...

If you've ever wondered why I don't do the occasional video blog, now you know.


  1. I saw Schwarz' post this morning much to my chagrin. What is it everything I am quietly looking for gets "endorsed" by Christopher? Guess I'll have to wait for the insanity to calm down a little.

  2. Would it help at all to look on it as great woodworking minds thinking alike?

    No, I feared not.

  3. Alf,

    I must admit to never having tried a hand cranked grinder, I can certainly see the benefit. I will wait till summer comes(if it does), and trawl the car boots. Actually I'm sure my dad has a foot operated whet stone grinder(would that be called a grinder?) that has a large wheel of about two foot. I will look in the barns on the morrow, but I bet it's seen better days....

  4. I wanted to give hand grinding a try after reading Krenov last summer. But even without Schwarz there is nothing on my ebay, only small German stuff 'Steindurchmesser ca. 75 mm', with a 3" stone. Next problem would be to transform the wobly profile 'Steinfläche nicht gerade' in a square surface. This is not a problem for a master like Schwarz as he uses in his demo a perfect stone. The final hurdle would be to hold and slide a chisel with only one hand on the available rest. So no regrets, I think I already master easier alternatives to mess up a chisel.

  5. I see you like to use spanish words, that's good for all of us who live in South America!
    This is from MedellĂ­n, Colombia.


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