Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You can never have enough clamps


Apparently it's a coat rack. For people who are afraid their coats way simply float away if not adequately held down.

Ack, I'm not adverse to the repurposing of defunct tools - there are a few chez Alf that even now I'm thinking to hack up some more and make something liable to make the more tool-precious wince - but those clamps look in working order. Sigh. Tool lovers should approach the scary world of "Etsy" with extreme caution, that's for sure.

Maybe get an adult to go with you to hold your hand or check if it's safe first.


  1. I saw that the other week and sent all kinds of nasty thoughts to the maker. :(

    There is the other extreme, too - the person who has an incredibly old and rare (possibly from the early 1800's)... combination square. Well... minus the ruler. Just the base. Except for the copious amounts of rust scale on the one they were selling, it looks very similar to the Millers Falls combination square I picked up at a garage sale for $1. They want $350 for this almost-priceless antique heirloom.

    I e-mail them and explain to them what it is and that the likelihood of them selling an incomplete combination square for $350 is extremely low, especially when complete ones can be found for $1.

    She responds with a very polite e-mail thanking me, but assuring me my information is false as she is sure this is a priceless tool from the early 1800's.

    "Well... have fun owning your incomplete and rusting priceless tool."

    I bet she thought I was trying to scam her into selling it to me for $1.

  2. Reminds me of the painted saws I see in flea markets. Boo.

  3. My first thought: in the end someone's found a wise application for C-clamps.

    Ok, I get my coat...



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