Monday, May 09, 2005

Get Stuffed!

Over the weekend I ran across a passing mention of "stuffing" a Starrett double square, so having only a limited (clean) time in the workshop, I thought I'd have a go at doing something similar with my Axminster knock-off one. I used a scrap of what-might-be-Bocote and about a zillion tools for this "simple" job. Off the top of my head, the kit required included:

6" rule
marking knife
X-cut backsaw
low angle smoother
shooting board
bevel up jack with high angle blade
out cannel gouge
in cannel gouge
1/4" chisel
1/8" chisel
20 miles of masking tape (only a tiny exaggeration, I'm sure)

And, naturally, it took a lot longer than I thought; even now it's not as good a fit as I'd thought I'd got. Still it makes it look more like a woodworker's tool and less like an engineer's one, and with the brass knob that I swapped out from another square, overall I'm quite pleased with it. Different from the others "off the shelf" any how.

So while I was in tool customisation mode, I thought I'd take another crack at tweaking the Mk2 rear tote on the BUPP*. Again a ridiculous number of tools and minutes were used on such a "simple" task; shave, rasp, two different sizes of drum sander, hand sanding, wiped on shellac. Only when I've used it for a while will I know if it's any better, but I'm hopeful it'll help a little. The trouble is I think it's just too large front to back, and with the two bolts to accommodate there's very little I can do. Heigh ho. The colour's bugging me too; it's miles different from the front knob. Different source for the Bubinga since the knob was made I guess, but I'm sure I can do something about it.

*Bevel Up Panel Plane. Low Angle Jack if you must...

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