Thursday, March 30, 2006

How to Have...

On the whole, if you're awake at four in the morning, another year older and nothing much to show for it, and generally not exactly Little Miss Sunshine, there are some things you don't want to see. "How to Have a Good Death" in large letters on the BBC homepage is definitely one of them...

Had a look at the leg tenons though, and everything seems okay. Hard to tell until I've trimmed down their protrouding ends though; a task which should be fun. Cleaned up the copious glue squeeze out underneath, which took a while, but despite extensive card scraper use for same The Thumbs seem to be largely all right. Remind me to tell you the cause of this miracle later; right now I've got to go and book myself a plot in the nearest cemetry.


  1. Hey, happy birthday!


  2. ... to you ...

    Have a grrreat day.

  3. Happy Birthday.

    (BBC Wales was responsible for the dour prog I think, most of it was filmed in our local hospital.)

    Have a nice day and plenty of cake.


  4. Happy Birthday Alice!
    Even "The Thumbs" have let their hair down for the event ;)
    All the best

  5. Birthday Greetings, Alice!

    Let me guess. You soaked your thumbs in Camellia oil and put on thumb socks. :-)


  6. Ta very muchly, folks. Yep, as days go it could have been worse I suppose (I know, what a misery, eh?)

    Thumb socks and camelia oil? Heck, why didn't I think of that... Nope, I'm trying "Devil's Claw" as suggested on the forum a week or so ago and it really does seem to help reduce the inflammation, which was the biggest problem. I'm not one for herbs and that as a rule but I could be a convert. Not a particularly encouraging name though...

  7. Joyeux anniversaire Alice !!!
    As I can see or read ,you seem to like or understand Frog's language. I like what you do on your blog or on the Ukworshop forum ....continue on young ladie
    Un admirateur Fran├žais

  8. Merci beaucoup! Ah, if only my French was any good when divorced from the assistance of a French/English dictionary...


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