Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My lack of confidence in Porcel Farce has been fully justified. Around seven o'clock last night I finally gave up and checked the tracking status again.

"27-11-2007 18:52 Plymouth Depot Attempted delivery"

Attempted? How? Did the driver just wave as he drove by? Perhaps he sat outside in the van and whispered "hello, I've got a delivery for you" and then drove off? Hell's bells, there were two people sitting within 5 feet of the front door at the time! I have emailed a complaint to Parcel Force and asked what they intend to do about it. I do not hold my breath... In short, I am Not a Happy Bunny.


  1. I had a similar experience recently when I ordered some tools. The carrier was ANC. There was a no show on the due day but the website tracking told me "Delivery Attempted-Card Left" - but I had been in all day and when I checked the hall floor there was no card. The following day an ANC lorry rolled up, the door bell rang and I went to answer. And there on the hall floor, by the front door was an "attempted delivery note" from ANC. I asked myself "How did I miss this note yesterday?". The note was dated the day before - the due date. I opened the door and there was a guy from ANC with my delivery. I showed him the note (and I politely apologised for having missed it!). He suggested that the note must surely have been stuck in the letterbox flap from yesterday... So you could check your letterbox flap (and other ingenious possibilities).

  2. Alf you are not alone alas. Yesterday Royal Mail charged me £8 to guarantee delivery of a package before 1 pm today. According to the tracking widget on the Royal Mail site the parcel was delivered "before the deadline" though proof of receipt was unavailable. Amusingly enough (NOT) my client who was expecting the package by 1 pm was still sat in his office ten minutes ago (3.30 pm ish) waiting for it. Two packages I was expecting this morning haven't arrived earlier. It beggars belief quite frankly.

    yours glumly Mike R

  3. My local Australia Post delivery man is a rather unfit looking little chap. His latest delivery method is to park his van on the road in front of my house and then telephone me to ask if I can come down and collect my parcel from him. Coming to my door requires that he climb 16 steps and that's obviously 16 too many.

    Ian S.


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