Wednesday, November 28, 2007

From the ridiculous to the sublime

So the Parcel Force delivery man finally put in an appearance. Before asking him if he was the driver on the route yesterday I'd already planned to get his fancy electronic signing-for machine in hand so he couldn't get away without answering - my mother said this demonstrated I have a devious mind. It wasn't 'til later that I wondered if maybe she hadn't meant this as a compliment...

Anyway, he made the classic guilty party "I never stabbed him officer" "I never told you he'd been stabbed" mistake. Before I even opened my mouth he started explaining how he couldn't have delivered it yesterday because he'd never had it, someone must have forgotten to take it "out of the locker" otherwise he'd have delivered it, wouldn't he etc etc? Ha hum. There's no evidence on the parcel at all of what day it was scheduled to be delivered and I hadn't said a word. Banged, in my opinion, to rights, chum. However, you want to see saws:

No? Not what you had in mind? Ah, that'll be the flush cutting saw as recommended in Woodworking magazine. No doubt a fine saw in its own right (better be after the recommendation...) but somewhat outclassed in this triumvirate methinks. Let me share the full experience with you. First, the boxes; understated and yet pregnant with promise, no?

Unwrap the paper within - the latter always make me feel as though these quality tool purchases are a bit like unwrapping a fish supper, but without the vinegar - and clear and concise care instructions and rust inhibiting paper still separate the anxious recipient from their baby. Not for long though. Mwahahahahahaaaaa.

Et voilĂ ! Phwoar, what a beauty. Ha hum, pardon the, ah, forceful exclamation of appreciation... A 12" 12tpi cross-cut tenon saw, my favourite size (being a bit of a weedy girlie).

Secondly, but only in terms of unwrapping order, the legendary half-back - 16" long and 9tpi. Sort of a running leg-pull twixt Mike and myself 'cos I couldn't fully see why one wants one and thus teased him over its existence. Well this is putting my money where my curiosity is in order to find out. I have a nasty feeling Mr W and his boys have stacked the odds heavily in their favour by the simple method of making it hard not to pick up. It comes rather readily to the hand and in fact I was inclined to look round for something to saw then and there.

And there is the rub. I've not tried them yet, 'cos I'm still in two minds as to whether I shouldn't be good and leave them for christmas. On the other hand my policy this year is no christmas pressies for me (or from me, hence the lack of usual panic at this time of the year) so really I shouldn't give myself anything either, should I...? Any bets as to which argument will carry the day? No one? How wise. You know me too well...


  1. They look lovely, Alf. But then I rather expected that they would. I doubt, somehow, that you will wait 'till Christmas......


    Paul Chapman

  2. Get sawing! The are even more pleasant to use then to look at.

    Boy, his packaging sure has changed. A certificate type thingie and everything.

  3. Well I'm very pleased that The Force is at last with you. Also very green. Hmmm, Christmas present to self ... I must resist ...

  4. I hate to say this, Alf, but those are too pretty to put in the Saw Till: you'll only be able to see the slightest hint of them. You need some method of hanging these for display when you're not using them. A full-on side view. Do you have enough room in the cabinet to hang these on the doors of the till, or should you build them their own cabinet?


  5. Very nice saws Alf. I'm envious. Bet you can't wait until Christmas to give them a whirl.

    Ian S.

  6. Oh Alf! You are a tease!!
    At least i now know what to ask SWMBO to give me for Christmas.
    The drool is running over the desk.......

  7. No wonder you were anxious for their arrival. Happy sawing!

  8. Alf, you succeed with your words and pictures in sharing the excitement we all experience when a much anticipated new tool is on the way, delayed, arrives, is unwrapped, observed, burped, bathed and lovingly put down for it's first night in it's new home! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Very nice, Al!
    Maybe you need a separate "Upper Class" saw till........... ;)

  10. Nice! Me thinks that perhaps the long awaiting saw till doors should have a glass front.


  11. Hi Alf,

    No Christmas present like an early Christmas present, is what I say!

    OK, here's a take on the half back saw....You're at your bench. In other words, you're past the cut-it-to-rough-length-outdoors stage. But you have a good-sized timber, like what we over here call a 4x4 or 2x6 or a stile for a door, that wants cutting to length prior to joinery. And you're in a tight enough space that a 26" saw is unwieldy. Ta-da-a-a-a-h--the half back saw. A joiner's saw.

    2 pence.



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