Thursday, November 15, 2007

I want to be a lawn

"I want to be a lawn", as Garbo famously said. Something like that anyway... Enquiry via email along the lines of whether I'm still compost mental or merely desiring to become "Garboesque" have prompted me to blog. Yes, I am still alive, but no, I'm none too chipper. The damp string connection from Alf Towers to the outside world has been getting an unscheduled but probably much-needed break. Enjoy it folks; you don't know when this opportunity may come round again... ;-)

But alas, I missed the blog's third birthday on the 8th. I'm torn between "woe is me" and "whoa, three years?! How did that happen?"


  1. Welcome back, Alf. Hope you are feeling more chipper (chipperer?) soon!

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon, Alf. And belated happy birthday, blog:)


    Paul Chapman

  3. I am glad that the rumour was an exaggeration:

    I have had my own battles with Churchill's black dog over the years and if that is what is afflicting you, you have my undivided support.

  4. Alf,

    I say this as one of the members of your fan club, and a regular reader of the blog (and a sometimes respondent).

    It would be good for you to declare a break--a long healthy break--from the treadmill of writing a column. This is unpaid work for you. When it gets to where it's not fun any more, or like you're walking through cobwebs, or you're putting more into it than you're getting back out of it--declare a Holiday break, and see you guys again the first Tuesday in January (or February, whatever).

    This site will still exist and be referenced for its outstanding permanent exhibits.

    The time off would give you room enough and relief enough to recharge batteries, walk on the beach (without having to write about it!), let your mind relax, let some new enthusiasm germinate and flower, and start anew.

    Everyone needs sources of renewal, even Alf.

    Sincerely yours, Wiley

  5. Big hugs from another of your readers who has to fight off the Black Dogs.

  6. Very best wishes, Alf


  7. A lawn you shall be. Cheers to you and all of your folk.


  8. Hey Alf, thanks for the years of commentary. Enjoy your time as a lawn.


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