Friday, November 30, 2007

Chips and fish

Seems a small diversion from my own woodworking short-comings is called for, so a bloggist's thoughts turn to the long overdue overhaul of the blog list. Now occasionally I get the odd email essentially soliciting a reciprocal link to some other woodworking blog. Some of them are nicely dressed up in pleasantries; others are pretty much outright requests (and I'm afraid lose points accordingly). I must confess, and risk hurting feelings, that I tend to hedge in most of these cases. A recent spring clean of the RSS feed list shows that it's unwise not to so do - already at least a couple of said requests have simply ceased to exist. Staying power is a prime necessity for the successful blog link request. But my premier guiding principle has always been to link to the ones I read, but in truth I don't actually read that many any more, not with any degree of regularity. So I share with you the current watch list and hope that if there's anyone I've missed that you'll let me know so we can get the best of the rest.

Philsville - well he's a mate*, innee?
A Woodworking Odessey - not just because rookster comments on this blog, honest.
Musings from my shop - despite using Musings in the title I'll let David Mathias in...
Toolemera - Gary Roberts could well be written-word buff enough to keep this going
A Shipwright in Training - one I really look forward to reading

The commercial ones, some more obviously commercial than others:
Arts and Mysteries - Adam Cherubini in PWW
Glue Tube - woodworking videos submitted to FWW
Andy Rae - also courtesy of FWW. Early days yet to see if it has staying power
Tools For Working Wood - if only it was set up with a proper feed
Lost Art Press - one wonders if Chris Schwarz has the key to perpetual motion or something; boundless energy apparently
David Charlesworth - at the very least a spirit of Westcountry unity demands the fingernailed one should be present

The ones I feel ought to be there but I don't actually read/listen to/watch (mea culpa):

And on an unrelated note, I've been indulging in some new DVDs recently, which in this case means I'm enjoying films everyone else was enjoying a year ago. One of which seems not to have quite captured the public imagination as much as I'd have expected, but I laughed out loud and am primed to bore the world with quotes from it. As it is I'll spare you and merely leave a weekend teaser:

What film hears distinguished French actor Jean Reno utter the immortal, and probably fully deserved line:

"You stupid English, with your Yorkshire puddings and your chips and fish!"

Yes, some bloggers will do anything to create an excuse for an unusual post title...

*Having recalled an email conversation some years ago, I should perhaps clarify for the 'Murrican reader that by "mate" I mean "friend" or "buddy".


  1. I've absolutely no idea of the answer to your weekend teaser. But what a great actor Jean Reno is. I thought his performance as Vincent in Ronin was brilliant.


    Paul Chapman

  2. Hmmm... The Professional? He said less than wordely (sic)


  3. "Tools For Working Wood - if only it was set up with a proper feed"

    Damn right!!! my server is so old that my ISP doesn't support it properly. we will be upgrading next spring.

  4. Thanks for posting the link to A Shipwright in Training. I hadn't run across that one before, but it looks great. I've added to my own blog roll (in good company with all the others you had listed). I do hope Andy Rae shows staying power. The first two entries were quite good.

  5. Gary, aka "Léon"? Ah, good thought, but alas non.

    Joel, that's most excellent news - thanks for letting us know.

    I ran across A Shipwright in Training during that brief
    moment when building a boat was on the cards and became hooked. Still can't tell a strake from a sheer though... ;-)

  6. Weekend Teaser - Flushed away :) Can I borrow some saws ?

    cheers Mike R

  7. Mike - bingo!

    As for saws, why sure. I've got Sorby, Tyzack, S&J...


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