Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brandy Butter

Brandy butter, two batches, mince pies for the use of - done. Marzipan fruits? No chance. We were freezing our appendages off all yesterday,what with no heating and doors bracingly open for the ingress and egress of plumber, plumber's gophers and rubber hoses to facilitate the draining of the heating system. But amazingly it is all done and works, so huzzah.

In celebration let's save Christmas by athletically swinging from branch to branch of a large fir tree in order to fix the star at the top in Merlin's Christmas. And to think I find just making marzipan fruits too much effort - shame on me... Rather harder to accomplish than it may appear at first glance, and somewhat addictive. Groan as once more your plucky little elf lands head first in the snow, wince as the jaunty Jingle Bells music loop goes round yet again... Yes, probably best with the speakers turned off in fact.


  1. Well, my plucky little elf is getting a bit fed up with me, having gone head-first into the snow on numerous occasions already. I'll give him a rest and try again in the morning....


    Paul Chapman

  2. Paul, I've managed it twice out of, ah, numerous attempts. The worst is when he falls off getting to the very last branch. Aaargh!


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