Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Quick release vice

Having to move a little earlier in the day than usual - would you believe the plumber's coming again? The tap in the kitchen requires replacement, but in addition the old man's taken it into his head to have two radiators replaced, including the one right here in the inner sanctum. So I shall be forced to neglect office-y type tasks in favour of festive domestic ones. Viz: brandy butter and possibly marzipan fruits. But only if Victor does the kitchen tap first. Anyway, fingers crossed that it all goes smoothly; no, don't laugh...

So our game for today? Well I'm going to confess to a small vice (yes, another one); I have something of an addiction to the genre known as "Room Escape Games". In brief, you find yourself locked in a room and have to find and combine items, work out or discover codes and find your way out. Traditionally there's usually at least one safe to open (often containing something no sane person would bother to put in a safe, like a hammer), and a wastepaper basket to look in (or under). Some examples are just plain weird, I must admit; but possibly something of a window on other cultures. Many are Japanese and either tend to involve spirits and other mystic fings; or else overdose the cuteness a bit with cuddly toys, cats or other furry animals. Russian ones do rather tend to be violent. Naturally the festive season brings out a rash of themed versions of existing series as well as some one offs, one such being the imaginatively titled Christmas Escape.  Of Japanese origin but reasonably logical I think, challenging to get all the parcels but still escapable if you don't, and most importantly - in English!

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