Thursday, December 13, 2007

You can never have too many bikes

Clamps are not exciting purchases in my opinion. A necessary evil and as we all know an on-going one 'cos a woodworker can famously "never have enough clamps". But Matthew at Workshop Heaven has done his best and actually made me go and look at the latest special offer. Yep, a free gift of one whole, grown-up, gent's mountain bike when purchasing four clamps. You can literally "clamp 'n' go" (ho ho). Alas, even viewing it as a £175 bike with four free clamps I don't think I can quite squeeze it into the budget, but hey, I did look.

Perhaps it'll start a trend? Four of Screwfix's cheapest clamping devices: one free inner sole to cushion your feet (or one foot anyway). Or free sports car with every four Holtey planes... :-)


  1. Wouldn't get excited abt the bike if I were you. It'll be what is called a "Bike Shaped Object" or BSO for short. Roughly similar to some (but not all!) cheapy tools - hardly worth bothering with:,,2226485,00.html

    have discovered RSS so am tracking Alf's and others every move!

  2. Sadly, you are right about cheapo bikes, Jacob - they are really awful. Why do manufacturers put so much effort into making stuff badly - it wouldn't take much more to make them well....


    Paul Chapman

  3. In the early 1950s, I spent all my pocket money fettling an old Raleigh, desperately trying to make it look cool. A new bike was completely unattainable. This offer makes me a bit queasy, to be honest.




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