Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I take it I can gather from the comments box that I'm not the only one with issues viz-a-viz that cabinet then? I wasn't even going to mention the poly... Also I don't seem to be alone in my dissatisfaction with woodworking mags either. I used to get really annoyed when people described them as "comics", but my heart has much hardened.

Anyway, that small oasis of woodworking delight that is the occasional copy of a decent woodworking book for sale in the Truro flea market came up trumps again, and in consequence I've been perusing "Tables" by Anthony Guidice. Now I was a tad scathing about Mr Guidice's "Seven Essentials of Woodworking" - principally 'cos I reckon it contains enough baloney to open a small New York deli - but this Tables book has designs that actually appeal to me. Yeah, okay, so I've actually made a couple like the ones therein so that's inevitably gonna appeal, but the delicately-constructed hallway table and the display table are both projects I can actually see myself making (and finding a place for chez Alf). That's practically unheard of for a book of projects as far as I'm concerned, so something of an accolade.

I confess I'm also on the preparatory lookout for a "proper" project; number one nephew has signed up for a ball and chain in July next year and obviously I'd like to make something to help add to his problems as he embarks on matrimonial bliss. Hah! I know what you're thinking - it'll only be a burden once I've actually finished it, so he's probably safe until at least their second anniversary... 


  1. If you want to make number one nephew something really useful, you could build him a dog house. If he's like your typical husband, he'll spend plenty of time in it (only joking;)).


    Paul Chapman

  2. I realise you've just bought a book about tables but can I suggest a blanket chest for your #1nephew? Really useful and perhaps more easily accommodated in a first home than "downstairs furniture".



  3. I was going to suggest a bit of carving - a ball and chain in fact, but I think the blanket chest idea is a good'un, with lots of scope for keeping it simple (fast) or not (slow). Coopered lids, wooden hinges, carving, painted decoration all spring to mind as possibilities. One could even make the lid as a tamb.. er, no, never mind. :-D

  4. Mr C - shame on you (but v.funny)

    A blanket chest is unlikely - can't stand the things myself. Whatever you want out of it always seems to be at the bottom and in order to discover that you first have to heave off all the junk that's accumulated on top of it. Ack. Mankind didn't move onto the chest of drawers for nothing! However I shall not be foolish enough to do anything without some consultation anyway - there are probably dog houses for aunts and aunts-in-law too!


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