Monday, December 03, 2007


Another Monday, another opportunity to recount the woodworking deeds of the weekend, erm, goes begging...

Yes, you guessed it; no deeds to recount. I grow a trifle weary of this year, I must admit. It's not even close to Her Maj's "annus horribilis" but it's doing its proletariat best. The workshop is in reasonable shape to actually get used, the necessary materials for the albatross that is the saw till door project are there and merely await some attention, gorgeous saws practically hammer on the door and ask if I can come out to play - but no, the dreaded lurgy has not quite done with me yet and I spend would-be workshop time asleep instead. Gott in himmel.

On the plus side there's plenty of opportunity for the blood to gallop to my brian unhindered by gravity so perhaps I'll end up terribly brainy? Knowing my luck it'll all head for my feet instead...

On a woodworking note. Well, maybe a collecting note, I notice the second "Stanley Little Big Book" is now available. The first one covers the planes - and considering its truly diminutive size does it incredibly well; this one seems to do the rest, and in colour too. Yeah, okay, so one found its way into an order... As ever all sorts of other appealing goodies have made an appearance on LV's website and a mortal is hard-pressed to be sensible. A dozen nailbrushes is sensible, isn't it? 

Mmm, no, I wasn't convinced either. While it may be technically "my" order there's actually quite a few requests here and there from others which makes for something of an eclectic mix. Heaven help me if The Management work out how to browse the gardening section...

Oh, and I should probably add that I'm not in the habit of placing a fresh order just as soon as the last one is safely gathered in. The saws do actually date from August, in my defence. A flimsy defence perhaps, but defence it is.

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