Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Fit, mark, pare, fit, mark, pare...

Don't get excited; it may look like it's virtually done, but actually I'm at the finicky stage of the fitting and the whole thing's taking approximately 500% longer than I anticipated. My own fault for being too tentative at the main stock removal stage. It's not the first three inches that are the difficult bit; it's the last 1/8th. Or rather 1/4. I need to allow more room, but am loathe to remove more bench than absolutely necessary, hence the sloooow progress.

More fulsome detail when it's done - I hope - but thought I'd better do a brief update in case the reader was worried I was lying trapped under an Emmert vice jaw... ;)


  1. How will you rotate the vise? Cut a circular path for the jaws to clear?

  2. Looking good, Alf. Don't worry about the slow progress - better to do it right rather than fast.

    Cheers ;-)

    Paul Chapman

  3. That's looking like the bench came with that vise.

    --Anonymous Comment-Leaving Person

  4. It's looking good. The final fitting and finishing takes a long time in any project.

  5. David, yep, that's the plan. I decided to initially fit it ignoring the rotation, and then the theory is I'll have a better idea of exactly what has to be removed to allow it rotate. If I get it right, I'll try and get some decent pics of it, because that seems to be one aspect of fitting an Emmert that's seriously neglected.

  6. Good going! Reminds me of this other bench, I assume you've seen it but here's a link anyway:


    Keep it up Alf! Cheers.

  7. Ooo, no, I hadn't seen that one, Bob. Nice. Hmm, hadn't given any thought to where to put the cup holders. Damn, knew I'd forget something...

  8. Watching with baited breath. Makes me consider insetting mine (Taiwan Knockoff) into the bench. I just used the included template and it is pretty far out from the bench. I figured it was easier to take off more wood than put it back on.

  9. Re: rotation... you have two directions to worry about.

    When I laid mine out, I found the center was 4" down, and 9" in. I traced from there.

    When all was said and done, I realized that the top edge needs to be profiled to match the curvature of the hinge, as vise rotation at an angle would slam the rear jaw into that top edge.

    Eventually, I decided it was ugly, and cut a square cornered notch. with an 18" wide vise, an unsupported inch or two doesn't hurt anything. :)


  10. Yes, the cupholder, how about that huh? I still can't quite figure out how to use the cupholder holes in the top though...


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