Friday, February 25, 2011

Pining away

So while I continue to put off boring some deliberate on the position of holdfast holes, my thoughts turn to another little problem I have:

See? This is why I prevaricate, shilly-shally and generally beat about the bush - to prevent precipitate purchase of pinus palustris. aka The Bench That Never Was. Or is it? Here's the options that have, so far, waddled to mind:

1. Build a bench anyway. You know, a bench I don't actually need or strictly speaking have room for, but at least now I could make any darn bench I liked with any darned vice/vise/vices/or viceaux (Lots of vices) I choose - within financial reason.

2. Build a bedstead. Which I could actually do with, and frankly you could build the thing like a bench if one fancied. What? You've not heard of the Roubo Four Poster? 5" square posts, I gather. After a couple of misunderstandings he stopped offering it with a choice of vices... But I'm not wildly enthusiastic about it, and frankly a lady is not necessarily keen on sharing details of her couch with the entire woodworking population.

3. Tool storage. Since this blog was but a babe in arms the recurring problem of tool storage has cropped up. (And absolutely no-one is to mention tambour doors in the comments box.) I could really, really do with a proper tool cabinet. I'm sick of not using tools because I can't find them/get to them/be arsed to go and look for them. Or because they're still in their boxes in the house, which is absolutely the worst thing of all. And anyway, benches are so last-few-(apparently-endless)-years.

Apart from that, I got nuttin'. What can you do with SYP anyway? I imagine it's a bit hellish in some respects; dovetailing, for instance. But presumably you can make "real" furniture out of it, if you fancy? I just don't know - it's only seemed to have swum into my ken in the form of benches. Endless permutations of benches.

Yup, I'm increasingly getting a feeling like whatever I decide I ain't going to be making a bench. But then again...


  1. Looks like you have some fine timber to work whatever you make.

  2. Tool storage, always needed :O)

  3. Looks to be the start of some pretty stout storage - unless you fancy some resawing.

    PS. very nice job hanging the 'murican iron on your bench!

  4. Funny, my comment split into two ?


  5. Blogger moves in mysterious ways, its wonders to perform, Harry.

    Mike, I think resawing is definitely on the cards, yes! That's where I hesitate - seems a pity to reduce 2" stock.

  6. Tool storage! Seconded.

    Coooo if only I'd had a wee bit of all that lovely don't laugh, but the rolling tool cabinet I've just made is a hodge-podge of scrap timber, including some kitchen drawers, leftover from a bit of a renovation.

    Anyway, it's so damn useful!

    Erm, long story short...

    Tool storage!

    Stephen Ruddock


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