Friday, February 18, 2011

I wanna tell you a story 5 - resources

These are just the sources of information/supply that I used; there are others, but it's amazing what you find after you've started...

The Iron Hand for general information, especially Emmert Vise Anatomy.

Previous Emmert fitting experiences:
Russ Allen
The Workbench Book

Original instructions:
Union Hill Antique Tools are the clearest.

Assorted hints and tips:
Okay, so like many others, I have some issues with how the Sawmill Creek forum goes about its business, but it seems to be a bit of a hotbed of Emmert tips and information. Well worth a search. And the Old Tools List, of course.

There seems to be a lot of variation in what size and how many screws are needed. There are a total of seven screw holes in my hinged mounting plate, and I found I didn't seem to have quite enough room to take a full 2" in the hole over the hub. In my case I used 14g Silicon Bronze wood screws from Seaware. They were very helpful, didn't turn a hair at the assortment of lengths and small quantities I needed, and were happy to take anything back if it didn't fit. I took the tilt adjustment bracket with me, as it had the same size holes, which helped a lot.

Magnetic sheet:
e-Magnets Again, top notch service and the first place I've bought from that outdoes Lee Valley in a love of, or should I say attraction to all things magnetic.

Cork sheet:
Gaugemaster No complaints, except the embarrassment if my brother finds out I've been buying anything to do with model railways...

Think that's the lot, but subject to editing and any comments of a "where did you...?" nature :)

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