Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh my ears and whiskers

Today I have read forum posts that worry about how best to support a granite surface plate to keep it flat for flattening a hand plane, and a woeful situation where shavings and sawdust keep falling on the lower shelf off a workbench and how can this calamity be prevented?

Have I fallen down a rabbit hole and not noticed...?

Wasn't going to blog today, but felt compelled to roll my eyes a bit. Normal service resumed tomorrow :)


  1. As you know, the only real way of supporting a granite block is on a bed of water;)

  2. The rabbit hole goes deep. Although I believe you may have struck the bottom.

  3. Alas, Alex. I fear there is no hard bottom.

    Only a soft one, into which some people inexorably sink to their doom.

    Eye roll duly noted Alf.


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