Monday, May 29, 2006

Fame at last?

Tsk, here am I, not checking my stats, and what do they reveal unto me? A mention on the FWW editor's blog. Mind you Phil gets a mention too, which spoils the whole thing... ;~) Don't think much of the comments though; personal stuff and so forth add the colour to Blogs that mags lack, IMO (he's gonna hate the cricket stuff). "More interesting than his Blog is his associated website" huh? Now that's kinda cheering, galling and funny all at once... New readers might like to try the Who Am I Anyway? page of that very site and find out why it's funny. Ah, bless these editors eh? So careful with their research.

Anyway, if you're here for woodworking (gasp), go back to January via the archives to your right and you can follow the current chair-making saga from its very genesis. By the time you've read all that I might have got some more of it done...


  1. Yow! We are both of international interest??? What is the world coming to? Should we be getting bg fat cheques coming in the post?? ;)
    You should worry-the fact I called Norm "Norm Abrams" is more intersting than my Blog and website combined. Sigh.......

  2. Yeah, I wasn't going to mention that... Perhaps a similarly damning summing up of the FWW blog is in order? (Mwahahahahaaaa etc etc ;~)

    BTW, glad the move went okay. Looks like you're already playing hunt-the-floor-space in the new workshop though! :~S

  3. Mike Wenzloff (MikeW)5/30/2006 05:11:00 am

    I didn't even know they had a blog. It would seem to me from looking through *their* blog that it leaves much to be desired.

    Which is one reason why I like Chris'. Interesting bits that probably wouldn't make it into a magazine and often with a tease for something yet to be entered is what keeps me going back.

    Take care, Mike

  4. Apologies for the misidentifier, Alf. We should have done more homework. As for our "reviews," we did not mean to offend, only to bring attention to the many pixels devoted to woodworking. To all, please keep up the good work...

  5. Crikey, didn't expect you to keep reading after doing the necessary blog filler. I guess muttered complaints from the subjects are a hazard of blog comment - after all, we have the ideal place to air them! But it's been a Good Thing, 'cos at least I've been prompted to get some flippin' woodworking content in here again.


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