Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Website Update

Don't mind me, just the mandatory notice of website alteration and addition.

For your viewing pleasure a couple of step-by-steps have been added to the Projects Page, previously aired on UKWS. I've also finally shifted my explanation of shooting boards - It's not Rocket Science - to the site, but a link to it atually on the site is awaiting completion of the Shooting uberpage (very much a work in progress at the moment).

The later may require your input. I've got this lot lined up for my links (subject to tracking down Derek's again) but are there any I'm missing? I'm looking for ones with a permanent home; no good if it's a forum post that'll disappear in a year or something. Although if it's a really good one I might be able to squeeze out some room to host it myself.

Talking of which, my domain name is due for renewal soon. Hope that goes okay 'cos it'd be a nightmare if it went ooops...

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