Thursday, May 25, 2006

Goodwill hunting

Axminster's appalling lack of sense has struck again. I wished to order an item to go with item X - Aminster's website gives me a choice of two, with no explanation as to the difference. I make an assumption that more expensive means larger, and size is required, so I order the more expensive option. It arrives next day (well done) but lo, it doesn't fit item X, despite being listed on the same page as it, I assumed, as a fitting accessory. Grrr. I ring up Ax's CS this morning and say "what about it?" Two monumentally teeth-grinding things result.

Firstly, it transpires they know it's an area of confusion and have a note on their computer to check with the customer which one they really want. The one I ordered is the old design; I need the new, cheaper one (well needing the cheaper one makes a change). But that's bog all use if you order online, isn't it? There's no such note on my computer. Big black mark against the web master. Again. Have I told you how all my delivery notifications still get sent to the old email address...?

Secondly, she tried the old we'll-send-you-a-return-label-when-we-get-the-wrong-one-back-we'll-send-out etc. I let a note of iron enter my voice, pointed out I needed the item NOW and the fact it was wrong WAS NOT MY FAULT. She went away while I endured the "hold" muzak, presumably to speak to Higher Authority and yes, they'll send out the correct one right now - BUT. They'll have to do it by crediting my account the amount for the wrong one, then deducting the amount for the right one and leaving the balance as credit to my account for the next order. Why?!

How come I read stories on the forum of Axminster sending out correct things without a murmur? Even saying "keep the wrong one" in some cases? Why do I always get the runaround? For heaven's sakes, I've had the loan of tools from them for review where they haven't had any money from me at all and they've trusted me - why not when I'm a paying customer? I'm just a little bit p*ss*d at them about it, quite frankly. Especially given we're talking about the grand sum of just over a fiver... Is customer goodwill really not worth "risking" a measly £5? Yet again I'm wondering why I still give Axminster any business at all. At some point I'm going to stop wondering and just go elsewhere.

Sorry, I just needed to vent.


  1. It's good to let off steam

    Really I think it's the fault of the "bean" counters, they need to have neat records, customer goodwill tends to be lost by the wayside when businesses grow large.


  2. Mike Wenzloff (MikeW)5/25/2006 06:35:00 pm

    "Sorry, I just needed to vent"

    Thar she blows, me matey...

    I know you're probably not looking for comment. So I'll leave it at an attempt of sharing the humor I saw in your statement...

    Take care, Mike


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