Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Final final

Final Blog entry? Nope. Just to give a small round of applause to sometime reader and long-time nephew who has, I believe, finished his finals today. All he needs to do now is kidnap someone and force them to mark the blessed things...

Woodworking? Alas, no. But if the rain continues like this I shall be asking if anyone has any good plans for an Ark.


  1. Many thanks Al. Actually I finished on Tuesday but you're as near as damn it. Please pass on my thanks to the grandparents I will be writing shortly. Incidentally the second of the two cages as it appears slightly bigger and more Bertie friendly.

  2. Well I was going on the dates you gave me... Must be true about history not being a matter of getting dates right any more ;~)

    Hmm, so we have one vote each for the cages. This isn't helping, chaps...


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