Saturday, May 20, 2006


You know how sometimes just about everything seems to be going wrong? I'm in a deep, deep rut of that very feeling at the moment. My life is apparently going "to hell in a hand basket" - not for the first time, which should, in theory, be a comfort. Just to add to the happiness, the planter I made back in Dec/Jan is apparently falling apart. Never, but never again will I buy glue from a local supplier; exterior glue, my posterior. I'll have to pseudo-drawbore the joints before it completely gives up the ghost, as if I didn't already have a to-do list as long as a roll of Andrex.

But not as soft or strong.

Having "Everybody Hurts" on a loop should just about sum up the situation for you...


  1. Alf,

    Anyone who knows that to pseudo-drawbore is the correct action to take can't be doing all that badly. Chin up. :-)

  2. Thanks, Nick; I feel much better. Too bad I had to look up the spelling of pseudo really, or I could have felt really smug..


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