Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It Augers Well

It's not that I've been neglecting the blogging; I was already to do some, honest. it's just I've been suffering from a nasty case of the Little Green Light Twitch. That is the, hah, "always on" broadband internet connection has been largely off. Well intermittent, anyway. I sit here with one eye on the little green light on the router telling me if I'm still connected or not, hence the Twitch. It comes on just long enough to start to load a page, but not long enough to complete the job. Uploading pics or Blog postings has been impossible. Heck, I've only just managed to download all the spam to my inbox... It's particularly bad PM, which is when I usually blog, so I thought I'd try and snatch a window of opportunity now instead.

Workshop time has been as intermittent as the connection, but I did start off on a task I was meant to have started about 6 months ago... The delay isn't all my fault, to be fair, but still the guilt has been building just a leetle. Anyway, sooner than find myself awash with meaningless bits of scrap with joints and mouldings on them I thought I might as well make a functional, but hideous, tote for my sharpening gear out of meaningless bits of scrap...

Not my finest work, huh? I also played with some cut nails (all the wrong size for the job, but the smallest I can find) inspired by a certain article and DVD. I got the nails a while back, but this seemed a good moment to actually have a go. The finished look is ghastly, 'cos the heads are far too big, but the principle seems reasonable enough, Trouble is it's going to take an awful lot to get away from the "nails are bad" philosophy I've grown up with.

Next step is really going to be meaningless scrap territory, but it might be fun once I get started. It's getting started again that's the trouble.

However, that may be delayed while I return to The Chair. Remember that? The birthday it's due for is this Friday and I've broken the news it's not done yet in the birthday card. Not my fault though, remember? I was waiting for something. Look what the postie brought this morning:


But I still don't know who the Generous Galootish Benefactor actually is. I mean I have suspicions, but too many to be sure. I've asked the seller if he's willing to divulge and once I hear back I shall express my thanks on the list, whether I know the answer or not. No Good Deed shall go unpunished...

There's just one tiny cloud on the horizon. I'm not sure if it's going to solve my problem after all that. Ack. But then I often look at something and think "that's not gonna work" and it turns out I've totally mis-judged dimensions or something, so I have confidence that I'm just being my usual alarmist self. It's a dead cool bit of kit anyway; very clever "chuck" system, simple but ingenious. And hey, it did get here in time. Kind of...


  1. Mike Wenzloff (MikeW)5/17/2006 05:33:00 pm

    Well, that brings back memories. I haven't used my bit extensions since working on the log house way too many years ago.

    All I remember is sitting atop the logs as I was putting them up and boring holes on 100 deg. F days--they represented work to me!

    Back to work...take care, Mike

  2. It looks like the start of a collection of whale harpoons to go with your anchors. :-D


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